AI Healthcare Leadership Academy

Pinsent Masons is partnering with the Digital Leadership Forum to establish a new programme of online training to investigate the opportunities AI can provide for leading organisations in the pharmaceutical and digital health sectors to optimise operations, support clinical research and accelerate drug discovery. To sign up for the first session in Pinsent Masons AI Healthcare Leadership Academy, taking place on Thursday 1 April at 10am, please register your interest here.

The hype around Artificial intelligence (AI) in law is all too real, but few organisations have yet to capture it to its full potential. Too many hope unrealistically that AI is a means to bypass more prosaic means of creating efficiencies or a catalyst for operational sophistication; others are prone to dismissing it all together.

The reality is that human intuition, knowledge and technical ability have to work in tandem with AI to ensure that it truly delivers. AI technology needs to be tailored to address a specific legal or business need. It is not as simple as purchasing a self-driving car that is road-ready.

Businesses – and in particular those at executive leadership level – must understand not just what AI can do but what is required to make it work. An appreciation of AI and its effect on business performance must percolate throughout the organisation for adoption to be meaningful.

Pinsent Masons AI Healthcare Leadership Academy will take place on Thursday 1 April at 10am.