ASD launches its English website

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Digital health website forum

Even though the use of technological advances is considered normal in many aspects of our society, oddly enough, they seem not to be implemented in the healthcare field. Under the name of Asociación Salud Digital, this association aims to be a plural website forum where the present and the future potential of digital health in our society can be fully expressed.

This is the main reason why a group of professionals from the healthcare field who have been following and sharing the latest advances in information and communication technologies decided to constitute a non-profit professional association.

Having a specialised focus on the digital environment, ASD is willing to share its knowledge and experience in order to help and to accelerate the prevention of diseases and the promotion of healthy lifestyles (along with the diagnostic and treatment of diseases) through an intensive use of increasingly available digital technologies.

Future projections

Due to the constant use of digital devices between citizens, patients and healthcare professionals, the actual implementation of ICTs in healthcare system has to be seen as an empowering tool for the management of our society overall health. That is the only way to reach the full potential granted by the current technology and take advantage of it.

Cooperation with healthcare organisations is one of this association’s strengths. Therefore, anyone who shares these views and aims is invited to join the push for digital change in order to support the sustainability of the healthcare system.

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