One year of cluster for patient empowerment

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Today’s healthcare system faces very complex challenges like ageing, chronicity and the sustainability of the system itself.

At the same time, the world is currently undergoing a large scale digital transformation at breakneck speed, what is often referred to as the “fourth industrial revolution.” Physical, digital and biological limits are becoming blurred and interrelated, significantly impacting our lives and how both the sick and the healthy manage their health.

Given this complexity, and the wealth of opportunities it holds in store, we need to rethink how we prevent, identify, resolve and treat health problems. Ongoing technological advances can help us design a sustainable and proactive health system focused on maintaining health, and preventing disease and acute episodes, while preserving universality, fairness and quality. But it is not a matter of technology alone. Despite there being widespread consensus on what the new health system can and should be, we will have to join forces to manage the transition to this new system.

The new 21st century health system therefore extends beyond the borders of the current healthcare system, making it necessary to CLUSTER FOR PATIENT EMPOWERMENT evolve towards a participatory health system involving citizens, healthcare professionals, industry, and the social arena, as well as new non-traditional healthcare players like companies, schools, neighbourhoods and cities, forging partnerships to tackle major health challenges.

In this new environment, citizens will have to take a much more active role in maintaining and caring for their health. At the same time, patient experience, opinion and knowledge can and must become a key factor in determining objectives and priorities, and in innovation, product development, service provision and research.

The Cluster for Patient Empowerment is a participatory partnership that brings together individuals and organisations with a shared vision and a mission to affect change in the world.


Carolina Rubio Miner. C4PE Coordinator.r.

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