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Digital Health change

Digital Health, including eHealth and mHealth solutions, will bring enormous company growth in coming years and generate considerable employment.

Healthcare professionals should embrace the change.

We’re being overwhelmed by new terminology – wearables, apps, chatbots, artificial intelligence, 4D printing, startups, Exponential Medicine – that in some cases even threatens to be a “global trend” that we are resisting. We’re not conscious of the fact that this profound cultural change, most specifically in the health sector, must be carried out by health professionals or it will be carried out by others who are mostly attracted by the data economy, which sees in the health sector a coveted source of income.

With mobile technologies and the Internet being used by close to 100% of the population, there must be a change in the way health services are delivered: the model must extend care beyond health centres and hospitals to guarantee continuity and manage chronic diseases much more efficiently.

By Jaime del Barrio

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