Cookies policy

This website uses their own and third-party cookies to offer you better service and an improved browsing experience. By browsing using our services, users accept our use of cookies. However, users have the option to prevent the generation of cookies and to eliminate them using the corresponding option in their browser. If your browser blocks the use of “cookies”, some services or functions of the website may not be available.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files that certain platforms such as websites can install in your browser. They have a number of functions: to store your browsing preferences, collect statistical data, allow certain functions such as remembering session start, etc.

How and why we use cookies?

Cookies are used to improve the usability and function of websites and to better understand how the websites are used. Storing cookies in your computer is an easy and convenient way to personalize your browsing experience in our websites.

How can I change my cookie settings?
You can change your cookie configuration at any moment. You can enable, block or delete the cookies installed in your device by using the corresponding options in your browser. Keep in mind if you disable cookies you will lose certain functions requiring the registration or compilation of data.

Here below you will find basic information about how to activate your preferences in the most common browsers. If you wish to read more specific information, we recommend you to visit the manufacture’s website.

Chrome. Go to For further information, you can check Google support or Google Chrome help.

IE Explorer 9. Go to: For further information, check Microsoft Support or IE help.

Firefox. Go to: For further information, check Mozilla support or Firefox help.

Safari. Go to: For further information, you can check Apple support or Safari help.


What kind of cookies do we use?

This website uses both temporary cookies as well as permanent cookies. Temporary, or session, cookies store data only while the user browses the website; while permanent cookies store data in your computer that can be accessed and used in more than one browsing session.

Depending on the use given to the data stored through cookies, the website might use:

Performance-improving cookies

They store your preferences when using some of the tolos offered in the websites. They will be stored in your computer so that you don’t need to configure them again the next time that you visit the website.

Statistical analysis cookies

These cookies can be processed by us or by third parties. They quantify the number of visitors and allow the statistical analysis of how visitors use your services. In this way, we can offer our users a tailored browsing experience.

Log cookies
When you register in our site, the website automatically generates cookies that identify you as a registered user and show that you have registered in the site. In this way, the website can identify your user account and associate services, keeping open the session unless you close your session or your browser, or until you turn off your device.

Other third-party cookies
Some of our sites might install cookies from third parties to allow a better management of the services they offer: for instance, the social network “share” buttons.